Sunday, November 9, 2008


next update will be on WEB DESIGN!!! >A< ; 

I'm doing topic related to CONSISTENCY the importance of it and all. So yeah, the media that yenny think is best for me is ANIMATICS...which means i have to do an even detailed storyboard. yay for me!! u_u but hey.. i love storyboards xD ;;

so my story will start with a dad and his daughter driving. they will encounter lots of problems due to the inconsistency of the road signs, and also branding identity. so yeah.. i'll tell it in more detail when i finish it later on x3

i tried on couple of styles which is LINES and VECTOR. I never tried lines b4, so i'm pretty exited when i did it xD hahaha

did this in flash. Brown n blue lines only 8D
*points at the car brand name* 8D whee~ reff. from BMW car. front part only tho. xD

decided to do duo tones because i want the street sign to stand out.
yellow and ..err.. blue? ... or green? ... what colour is the car?!! *open eyes big big*

i wonder which one is ooook..... 

so yeah~ basically that is it 8D 

RIGHT!!! web design u__u

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