Saturday, November 29, 2008

felt is fun!!

8D so.. actually i bought the felts for my web design project... as you guys already know (maybe not..) xD so it was kind of a waste if i didn't make good out of the leftovers right? xD so yeaa~~

this is what i did.. note that i'm not good in sewing and still is a newbie... just started to use felt like... couple of weeks ago =3= but i think i'm progressing well xD hahaha!!


8D group shot!!!!

dustbunny!! xD ain't it cute!! (reff : designslave's dustbunnies on dA)

BlackKitty!! xD i love this one the most!!! (c) Me 8D

PIG =_= orilia's request... cis..

blue bunny... oxygen deprived u_u hahaha! design (c) by Me 8D

no pig allowed 8D

it was fun to do!!! xD whee!!! i really love the black colored cat!!! hahaha!!!

I'm thinking of selling them... anybody interested? 8D can ask for custom dolls too!! xD tho i have limited felt color... and will only be free after next week.. so yeah...

Price Range : RM8 above...well maybe depends on the size and colors also lah.

so yeap!! xD

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