Sunday, March 15, 2009

of novels and sales

YAY!!!! finished reading the 2nd book from the Bridgerton series by Julia Quinn. The Viscount Who Loved Me is AMAZING!!!! took me approximately... 7-8 hours ++ 8D The book is simply AMAZING that i just can't put it down!!!!! The way the author uses her words, the way she describe her characters... I SWEAR I can feel that the character is really alive and very hard to not fall in love with every single character!!!! ;w;

Julia Quinn is a GENIUS!!!!!!!!! all the humor... oh my god!! i just can't stop laughing!! i mean, imagine those gentlemen and gentleladies (? =_= ;; ) make bloody hell.... JOKES!!!! OAO well of course they joke... but seriously... i was seriously into all the jokes in the book! it is natural, witty, but filled with family-ness kind of feel you noe. and not to forget the sarcasm!!! oh my god!! i love sarcasm! xD and all the interesting scenes between the main characters (Anthony Bridgerton and Kate Sheffield) it is purely amusing *contented sigh* xD imagine the girl trying her best to step on the guy's feet while dancing LOL! xD and honestly... the Bridgerton family members ROCKS!!!! (particularly feel in love with Colin and Anthony xD) this book is simply WOW!! (so hard to explain in words xD)

will try and get the 3rd book tmrw 8D WHEEEE!!!!!!

 haven't feel this exited when reading a book for a long time xD (last one was perhaps... Twilight.. yeaa.... ) YES!!!!!!!!!!! *squeeelll*

NEXT : An Offer From A Gentleman (Benedict Bridgerton) 

hmm... i hope his story will be ok.. there's not much appearance from Benedict on the 1st & 2nd book... so i'm not really familiar with him. can't really feel the attachment with his character (COLIN RULEZ!!!! xD)

now i can sleep peacefully~~~~ zzz

p/s Looking forward to the 4th book!!!! xD Colin Bridgerton n Penelope... HOMG! *fainted*


Ruffey ID or watever the shop name is... was having this buy 1 item and get the 2nd item for 1 ringgit kinda thing going on xD tho i didn't buy anything (well 1 did get 1 ...what do you call that.. sort of like small jacket wear outside one..... white color 8D rm32++ wat a bargain!!), but it is a great bargain 8D so go people!!! GO!!! xD LOL!!! (why the hell am i promoting again? =_= ; )

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