Tuesday, March 17, 2009

of novels and disappointment

before i start.... WHAT THE BLOODY HELL IS WRONG WITH MY FAN!!!!!?????? i simply want the speed to be moderate... but i put 1... so the speed is 1 (blardy hot!!!) i put 2, the speed is 1, i put 3 the speed is like 4... where the blardy hell is number 2!!!!!????? ON 5??!!!! OAO *dies*

p/s nope!! certainly not on 5 =_= ;;


good news..and not so good...wait..wat am i saying... a very bloody-disappointing day for me. Well.. went shopping with Aurelia today... I bought 1 new shoes today after walking and whining like a crazy person (much to my despair, the shoes that i wanted is not in stock... then might bloody as well not DISPLAY that shoe on the ... display thing!!!!!!!!) oh, btw, this is the good side of the news. yeap... so we keep on walking, till finally~ i feel as if the light from heavens above shines on me (pfffftttt u_u reading too many novels did wonders to your language... LOL) I eventually find a shoe that i want _m_ yeah.....


........ and it was not in Borders *heart cracking* asked the guy whether can check in on other branches, "sorry, they don't have, and i can't seem to contact the Curve (or was it MidValley..) branch. If you could leave me your number, i'll give u a call whether got or not" *heart breaking* and i leaved my number... not long after that.... "hello~ miss ifa? (no, im president of the united states *rolleyes*) there's no stock for the book that you wanted" *heart shattered* "oh..ok thanks for your time" *heartless* ;A; uggghhh... PAIN!!!!!! EXCRUCIATINGLY PAINFUL!!!!! and i was soooooo looking forward for the day i stepped into the bookstore dreaming that I'd have the book in hand pronto. I swear my heart stop beating for couple of seconds!! so~ after discussing wif orilia, I decided to go to Kinokuniya. it was a rather pleasant walk from Bukit Nanas to KLCC. too pleasant until I can't feel my legs and wished that KLCC can move by itself and inched towards our spot u_u. of course that was ridiculous (hey a human can dream D: ) so we finally reached. and I practically wanna do a sprint towards Kino, but too many human lingering around (yeah rite pfftt) xD

but again... to my disappointment, there is An Offer From A Gentleman but not by Piatkus publication u_u sad.... SAD!!!! SAAAAADDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!  so i was like, sitting on the floor, thinking of my bloody unlucky despair and disappointing day in front of the book shelves. So i asked the info counter, and well... "please leave your number and my colleague will reach you when new stock came in" *sigh* am i unlucky or wat??!!! so i went bek empty handedly.

so, i'm gonna wait for Kino to call me, and for the mean time, i'll read the e-book of An Offer From A Gentleman that i downloaded yesterday 8D (well hey~ i can't help it~ i will still buy the book tho just so you know xD) and I finished it in... umm...7-8hours? xD i can't help it!!!! it's soooo nice!!!

If the 1st and 2nd book is more warm, the 3rd book is... blue ;3; blue as in... awwwww...sooo saaadd!!!!!! ;A; kind of feel!!! and I LOVE IT!!!!!! it doesn't make the whole thing boring see... and of course, Julia Quinn portrayed all the characters nicely! no..PERFECTLY!!! it's amazing with 8 members of the Bridgerton (not including mother) she could portray each of them soooo differently!!!!! in the 3rd book, i learned a lot about the 2nd son of Bridgerton family. Benedict Bridgerton, is a very interesting character.

so obviously the 3rd installment from the series are a bit more dark, and give you a glimpse between life as an aristocrat and one with even lower ranks. In this book, you can also see, how Benedict try to get out of his brother and sisters shadows and be who he is despite what the society says. (some even recognizes him as "number 2" or simply "mr.Bridgerton") and as for the female protagonist, Sophie, how she was rather oblivious at 1st of her position being a "slave" to her stepmother n stepsisters, in the end, gave a big PUNCH in the stepmother's face (cough xD) and stand up tall.

in this book, the author (Julia Quinn) showed an even deeper bond between the mother, Violet Bridgerton, and her children. and how ranks and properties doesn't even bother her a bit especially in her son's choice for a bride. This is simply 1 more greatness of being part of the Bridgerton's family. when i read the book, i simply felt like joining the family members whenever their having a tea and talk.

this is one of the reasons why I love the Bridgerton series so much. It's just not your average romance novel. it's more than that. it is simply amazing.

YEAP!!! i hope a did better on my reviews on books xD i just suck on doing reviews xD haha!!

so yeah!!! 8D bought the 4th book in advance 8D and i SWEAR i won't open it until i've read the 3rd book... well... i basically read it (on computer screen) so it counts 8D 

CAN'T WAIT FOR MY OWN COPY!!!!!!!!! *bite pillow*

now on with the 4th book!!!!!!!!!!! 8D wheeeee~~~~ Colin Bridgerton!! the funniest of the bridgertons!!! 8D

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  1. i've seen the wholes series in a bookstore before in bangsar.. never picked any of it up to read though XD