Saturday, March 14, 2009

one piece madness again 8D

was screaming to the latest one piece manga... homg... the story is getting more intense!!!! xAx can't wait for the next volume....

for those who doesn't noe wat's one piece... well... go jump of a building u_u

sigh... i want these...

and of course.... these...been wanting it since...long time ago ;3;

tashigi LOL!!! xD (she sesat~)
AWWWWWW!!! *kyyyuuuunnn spark*

all the stuff out there (well at least those that i encountered) are fake!!! bloody pirated version!!! ;A; yeap~~ that's it~ 8D

p/s ....r*pid KL SUCK BIG TIME!!!! that bloody good for nothing piece a ****. might as well don't exist if don't do their job properly... bloody **** t(_ _t ) yes..i am pissed with it... bloody ****

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