Saturday, March 7, 2009

Daniel Henney

HOMG!!! I figured that Daniel Henney deserved a page of his own!!!

I stumbled upon this guy when i was watching Spring Waltz. He.Is.So.HOT! I love the way he act, the way he speak, the way his face expression goes. It's perfect!!! 8D (i just got this thing for guys who can speak English fluently with those American accent and really knows how to tackle girls xD hahahaha!! i wish i could do what he can do T_T ..... yeah...I'm perfectly normal btw xD)

so who is this person?

Daniel Phillip Henney (born November 28, 1979, Korean: 다니엘 헤니) is an American expatriate actor in South Korea. His father is British and his mother is a Korean-American adoptee. Henney debuted as a model in several Korean and foreign ads. He most famously co-starred in the Korean hit drama, My Name is Kim Sam Soon. A recent article in the L.A. Times on Henney reflects the western film industry's interest in him, and landed his first role in a Western film as David North (Agent Zero) in the upcoming film X-Men Origins: Wolverine

like....OH.MY.GOD!!!! i am sooooo gonna watch X-Men!!!! this year!!! OMG!! CAN'T WAIT!!!!

I'll put some vids of him here. He is just GORGEOUS!!

Commercial... can u just see how AWESOME is his acting skill OAO HOMG! *fainted*

this commercial from thailand if i'm not mistaken, made me LOL xD he's cute ;3;

the thing that he always do at the end (wink eye part..) always blew me away! xD

nice clips, great behind the scene vids (colors quite nice), fantastic song, and Henney~ lalalal xD

him singing Creep OAO (those girls shouting "wooooooo" is very annoying =_=) but he got nice voice too!!! OMG!!! isn't he just perfect!!! OAO

some pictures?

YEAP!!! i'll continue with my Spring Waltz!!! Daniel Henney!!! OAO I LOVE YOU!!!!!

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  1. I'm in love with him!!! :) Thanks!!!love the vids!!