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taken from the second epilogue of the 4th book... kept me laughing for a long time xD

"Eloise," Penelope said, somewhat breathless from trying to shake off Hyacinth.
"Penelope." But Eloise's voice sounded curious. Which did not surprise Penelope; Eloise was no fool, and she was well aware that her brother's normal modes of behavior did not include beatific smiles in her direction.
"Eloise," Hyacinth said, for no reason Penelope could deduce.
Penelope turned to her husband. "Colin."
He looked amused. "Penelope. Hyacinth."
Hyacinth grinned. "Colin." And then: "Sir Phillip."
"Ladies." Sir Phillip, it seemed, favored brevity.
"Stop!" Eloise burst out. "What is going on?"
"A recitation of our Christian names, apparently," Hyacinth said.
"Penelope has something to say to you," Colin said.
"I don't."
"She does."
"I do," Penelope said, thinking quickly. She rushed forward, taking Eloise's hands in her own. "Congratulations. I'm so happy for you."
"That's what you needed to say?" Eloise asked.
And from Hyacinth: "I am enjoying myself immensely."
"Er, it's very kind of you to say so," Sir Phillip said, looking a bit perplexed at her sudden need to compliment the host. Penelope closed her eyes for a brief moment and let out a weary sigh; she was going to need to take the poor man aside and instruct him on the finer points of marrying into the Bridgerton family.


finished reading the 4th installment of the Bridgerton series, Romancing Mr.Bridgerton.

well truth to be told, it wasn't as interesting as the 1st three books. i recall putting down the book and surf the internet for three times!! O_O can you believe it?! i can't even remember which page i was on!

well here's my review on the book, but 1st things 1st...some synopsis.

Penelope Featherington has secretly adored her best friend's brother for... well, it feels like forever. After half a lifetime of watching Colin Bridgerton from afar, she thinks she knows everything about him, until she stumbles across his deepest secret... and fears she doesn't know him at all.

(if the 3rd book looks more like cinderella, this time, it looks more like the ugly duckling xD)

took this from Julia Quinn's Web itself (cept for that part in the bracket there) since most of the synopsis that i stumbled upon was rather too..detailed xD well where's the fun in that now?

so as i told you guys just now, the 4th book doesn't really capture me as the 1st,2nd & 3rd did. maybe because of the quite slow development on the storyline. As it appeared (A LOT of time i tell you) in the three 1st book, Colin Bridgerton is a very funny and bright and a very perfect character among all the Bridgertons. but in Romancing with Mr. Bridgerton, all of his flaws and things that i've never thought he have were shown. in a way, i was rather captured with the unperfect-ness of him but in the same time...well... he's just a little less fun than before. (well if not, then i think it'll be boring too as a matter of fact xD)

but in the 4th book, I can see how the main female protagonist, Penelope Featherington, developed herself from being a "wallflower" to somebody who is well respected and more than who she is before. Her character developed a lot, and in the same time, she helped or rather encourage Colin Bridgerton to find his trueself. I just simply love the twist of the story (eventhough i still think the 1st three book got more twists...) and the feeling of oh-my-god-finally!!! mostly on the fate of Penelope ;w; i just adore her character and it would seem extremely cruel if she didn't get her own "happily ever after".

There is of course a romantic scene between Colin and Penelope which makes me feel rather envious of Penelope.

"I love you. I adore you. I worship the ground you walk upon" - Colin Bridgerton

this is the most...INCREDIBLE and most sweet line in the book by the main male protagonist!!! *sigh* when i think of all the Bridgerton series that i read, I won't mind living in their world. I envy how there's this sort of respect between the gentlemen and the ladies. NOT that i'm implying that the guys presently doesn't respect women... but yeah... you know what i mean. I would give anything to be part of their society. It makes women feel so... well... so... *contented sigh* I don't know how to put it into words.

i wish one day i would meet somebody that will respect me as i would respect him. And will just look upon me with pride, honor and respect as I will upon him. ;w; aih~ i'm being sentimental and cheesy. but hey~ who doesn't want to be treated like a "princess" especially by the one that we look up to... oh ok fine... especially by the one we love _-_ (hey i am a romantic person, well at least i think i am, but it doesn't mean that i could say it out freely, right? xD i shy oso~ LOL!!!!)

so yeah~ that concludes my review on the book~ additional rants included xD

hmm... i think i will rest my eyes for today... no more reading for now. but i'm still looking forward to the 5th book!!! "To Sir Philip, With Love" featuring Eloise Bridgerton!!! oh i adore Eloise so much!!!!!! xD can't wait!!!!

somebody should suggest some Hollywood people to make the Bridgerton series into movies man!!!!!!!!! trust me it will be a HIT!!!! MEGA HITS!!!! yeap~ (actually want's to see the Bridgerton brothers coming to life *ahem!!!*)

well other than that..... i wasted the whole day doing nothing other than reading u_u ; ON MY BED u_u ;;;; now if you would excuse me.... I wanna go to sleep~ xD

P/S OMG!!! HOW COULD I LEAVE SUCH AN IMPORTANT FACT IN MY POST UP THERE!!!??? LADY WHISTLEDOWN'S IDENTITY IS TO BE REVEALED IN THE 4TH BOOK!!!!!!!! *scream* FINALLY!!!!!!!! I KNOW WHO SHE IS!!!!! and i am so damn sure not gonna tell it in my blog!!!!!! xD *smirk*

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