Monday, November 15, 2010

Sketch request pt.3

it is done!

T____T didn't do this character justice!!! fffff!!!! white hair n white eyelashes are haaaard!! u_u but kinda dig the color combination.

XD somehow this remind me of vocaloid! LOL!!!!!! ugh. my background drawing skill suck like ffff.

;___; for this one. I tried to make it less sketchy since it is part of an art trade. I am so happy there's somebody who wanna do art trade with me. ;____; it certainly feels nice!!! thank you eidURU!

XD i was like "LOL" when I draw her face. she's yawning btw *cough* in case you guys didn't notice. ahem. there was suppose to be something like a bed/pillow, but decided to take it out in the end. *shrug*

OH! i had fun drawing this one!!!!!!!!! *zeldalink has like a lot of cute characters! and asked me to draw one. but since it is too cute u_u *cough* decided to draw 2 instead. XD nom nom nom.

time: more or less.. 1 hour+ per artwork. omg i am slow t=_=t
tool: usual

I apologize if the works doesn't reach your expectations u_u *facepalm*

ah~ I had fun doing all this XD


on other note~

finally I am done with this time consuming piece!!! ;___; i wanted to post it up, but not sure whether I should. It's a freelance job... sorta... *scratch head*

some part of the drawing. orz orz orz.

so yeaaaaaa.

kbai 8D

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