Monday, November 22, 2010

oh dear god

please let me get through this project I am on now so that I can draw more illustrations. ;w; and please please please let this current project be a success ;3;


want-draw-list (l0l)

1- more Miku
2- finish my OC cg
3- Germany x Italy
4- Persona3portable's MCs
5- sailormoon (seriously)
6- a lot of random boys n girls with a lot of details and more logical (lol) anatomy/proportion
7- this list can be endless
8- .... like seriously.

some random cg _-_ from a not so random... work. Made these 2 into my phone wallpaper and screensaver. om nom nom nom. never felt more happy when flipping my phone open LOL! feel free to use it if you want too. tho you have to crop it yourself HAHAHA!! XD

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