Monday, November 1, 2010

Hetalia : USxUK

To those who celebrates Halloween~ have an awesome one yea? ;D

started drawing this by I dunno... 2? 3? in the morning? I must be crazy =_= like seriously crazy. so after finished inking it digitally, I went to bed by 4-5 am =____= woke up at 12. went downstairs and saw my parents. they were like... "oh. we almost forgot about you. haven't seen you for a long time already!" demmit XD can't help it. been sitting infront of my pc all day =_= ugh. I am living a very unhealthy life now.

and I got the feeling history is gonna repeat itself today too 8D

the only drawing for today omg =_= being less productive wtF

.... rite

some close ups

I think I almost died blushing when drawing this =/////= so ghey wtF

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