Friday, December 5, 2008


Homg like FINALLY!!! OAO I've been hoping to watch the premier. T_T but sadly... i couldn't... so i watched it today!!! 8D


i went to the cinema with Orilia, Sher ree (did i spell rite ORZ), Tofu & Szu Jin......HOMG!! I CAN'T CONCENTRATE!!! this Twilight soundtrack reminds me of the movie! I am soooo gonna buy the DVD!!!....rite! back to the main thing that i wanna talk bout just now xD ahem.... So we went there at 1.30pm...the seat are quite a bummer!! ;A; was hoping to get an awesome view of the screen, but we were tad bit late in buying yeah...not a very nice seating. oh well... OTL

THE MOVIE!!! 8D well not really THAT disappointed with it. it is kinda good actually despite all the bad reviews out there. i kinda like it... and no i'm NOT saying this based on my twilight-hardcore-fangirl self... but me as a normal audience :D it's those kind of movie which you will watch when you wanna chill...with snacks in your hand, and blanket covering your legs. yesss... it's rather fun to look at all the character came to life. awesome!! some scenes were captured nicely and eventhough i know some people out there "complained" about the character's overly done facial expression... but i think it's ok. it gave an understanding to the audience on what the characters are feeling...for example, the first time the male protagonist firstly met the female protagonist, i can really feel his frustration and yeah. But the big turn off for it was... well some of the nice scenes were not in there and can't really say anything bout it because of the limited timeline of the movie so it progresses a bit too fast, and the cinema here in Malaysia sucks!! they cut the scene of the hero & heroin in the bedroom... SUCK I TELL YOU!!! OAO lol..OH!! and the other family members of the main character should appear more. :T

OVERALL... i'll give it a 3.9 out of 5 hahahaha 8D

now..... *fangirl mode*
HOMG!!!! TWILIGHT IS JUST AWESOME!!!! OAO well of course the book is awesome-er but yeah!!! somehow the main character looks H.O.T.!!! and Bella is PRETTY!!!!! *envy* xD EDWARD!!! i really wanna scream when Edward 1st time appeared!!! like H.O.M.G!!! *can't breathe!!!!* and OMG alice is shoooooo CUTE!!! Jasper is in pain????

jessica : (on alice and jasper) she's with jasper. The one who looks like he's in pain.

LOL!!!! xD i just wish they would put more Alice inside TAT (suddenly fall even more for Alice after watching the movie.!!!! ) Emmett is kinda hot!! T_T but it'll be more awesome if they add in more of Emmett's jokes. (instead of Mike Newton's stupid jokes xD he is funny! LOL) there are some scenes that is very good and i love it!!!! I PERSONALLY LOVE THE BASEBALL SCENE!!!!! HOMG!! that must be the BEST scene from the movie... and the part where Edward's family was cooking for Bella... hahahahahaha!!! i really love what Rosalie did with the bowl xD HOMG! if i was her, i'd do the same thing!!! vampire... wtf man! xD QUOTES! (somehow i remembered this part...cept for the last rosalie dialogue)

rosalie : does she even like italian?
emmett : her name's Bella! I'm sure she'll love it.
rosalie : get a whiff of that, here comes the human. *walks away*

LOL MAN!!! L.O.L!!! and then Alice came in... i love Alice!!! xD & someow Jasper looks better in the movie rather than in the posters. OH YEAH!!!! Bella's dad is A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!!! OAO he is hillarious! xD i like him!! i just ADORE the part towards the end of the movie where her dad and Edward were like sitting on the table. it is sooooooo awkward!!!! even i can feel it man!! xD SO COOL!!!!!! I LIKE IT!! Charlie and his "did you bring your pepper spray" reminder xD hahaha! and HOMG Carlisle look sooooo YOUNG!!!! and you really can feel his gentleman vibe surrounding him whenever he appear on screen!!! i like Carlisle! xD (i love to pronounce his name too!! Carlisle... hmmm) bit a lil bit dissappointed with the actress that played Esme. TxT she was in Grey's Anatomy playing as Rebecca (Ava) i hate Rebecca pfft! xD well actually she played Esme quite well... maybe because of the Gray's Anatomy thing. xD LOL!! but i seriously pictured Esme to be more.... soft you know. T3T cis. oh well~~ hmm who else.... AH THE VILLAIN!! Victoria is actually very pretty!!!!! James are sexy and Laurent.... well... he is just Laurent... xD SORRY!!! yay victoria! 8D

the quilletes.... TxT well... i've been wondering why can't thy find another Jacob TxT boo... somehow the current Jacob looks kinda....err...funny...? >.< ;;; LOL! so... I LIKE THE MOVIE!!!! 8D

SEQUEL!!!! i feel like reading the book again... well... excuse me! 8D *runs off*

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