Thursday, December 11, 2008


Definitely NOT a good week for me. Why?

1 - My rice cooker were invaded by extraterrestrial living organism with bright bright color, which is orange and green, which makes opening the lid itself a gruesome task to do. AND not long after that, there's a whole colony of..."living-moving-thing" inside my rice cooker. It's a city in there. Apart from all the screaming that i did, me and my BELOVED housemates *phuhuuhuu* bravely and courageously "demolish" the kingdom within the rice cooker in just a seconds...well maybe couple of minutes.. can't help myself from screaming you know xD eww... so, there goes my rice cooker *wipe tears*

p/s pity we didn't take picture of the "kingdom" inside. ROFL!

2 - My tablet OFFICIALLY died. yes... it died. Ironically, 1 day before the submission of my visual fundamental final project. yes... things can't get any worst than that... well apparently it can. I just have to use MOUSE yes...M.O.U.S.E. to do my work and it is killing my fingers. a slow-painful-excruciating-death. 13 frames of torture and hard labor. god knows how many hours of painful cg i've been through. can't help but tossing my tablet across the room. 2 times... or was it 3... tho i felt guilty afterwards. xD

p/s need to get a new tablet. a new camera. a portable harddisk. sorry mom, dad, u have a very "awesome" daughter here. *wink*

result of the torturous MOUSE cg.... i don't have anything else to say already.. ORZ look at the messyness of it!! *depressed* the guy looks like he's deprived of O2 lala~

well... other things... i got a B, yeap a big fat B, for my Digital Media2. seriously man, i was expecting C+++++ or something. thank you dear lecturers and tutor. I will donate you guys my organs. take my liver!!! tho i don't think it's healthy xD hahaha! I love Digital Media actually. just the actionscripting part. It's fun when u get it, but HELL not fun when you dont. Biasalah rite? I'll try out the method that dear Sook Chiung told me. YES!! BERUSAHA IFA!!!

got a lot of Bs this term. Oh Well...

HOLIDAY BABY!!!! *scream*

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