Friday, December 12, 2008

of poems and plays

been watching some Shakespeare stuff these couple of days. It puzzles me how can William Shakespeare create something so... passionate and full of emotions?! i envy him. 

so today i watched Twelfth Night: Or what you will. A story about a twin brother, sebastian, and sister, viola, who got separated during a shipwreck. both of them thought the other was dead so Viola, have to disguise herself as her brother and work for the Duke and a lot of interesting twist happened in the story afterwards. comedy, surprises, and love, what else could you ask for? ANYWAY!! i watched it on youtube. Tho the story itself is awesome, i feel kind of pity toward Marvolio, Olivia's sort of butler? steward? ---Olivia fell in love with Viola in guy form and in the mean time, the duke loves her--- somehow i think in the movie, the joke is a bit too much. I seriously pity him. well, i think i shan't go on because i'm sure you guys have nooo idea what i'm talking about. so, i'm gonna suggest you guys to watch this movie!

OH yeah!! Helena Bonham Carter inside!! she look young~

I feel like watching Shakespeare in Love movie again... I swear, if i watch it again, i'll probably memorized the Sonnet 18 already LOL!!! "shall i compare thee to a summer's day? thou art more lovely and temperate..."

William Shakespeare AWESOME! 8D i wish somebody would compose me a sonnet ;w; *wipe tears*

happy holiday btw people!! T__T i don't feel like holiday-ing *sigh* .... i better go sleep!!

p/s i just realized SHE'S THE MAN movie took the concept from this movie, obviously... LOL!

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