Wednesday, December 3, 2008


HEYYA GUYS!!! OMG FINALLY DIGITAL MEDIA FINALS ARE DONE!!! now... doing Design method pula T3T CIS! so anyway!! that's not my point... ahem!

SO!! for the upcoming COMIC FIESTA event.. i will be selling plushies!! 8D for more information.. go here~ {SEE!!}

so I heard that there's 1 pre order already!! HOMG!! i'm so exited!! the person even ordered for 1 set of it!!! (which consist of a bunny, DUSTbunny, a cat and a pig LOL!) I'm thinking of making different plushies to sell later on! so far...Me and Saku (my friend..n ketua LOL!) have thought of Candies!! she said Marshmallow LOL! and bubblegum (i have no idea how to do bubble gum!! hahaha) JELLY BEANS!!! HOMG!! i'm soooo gonna do jellybeans!!!!


- Animals : cat, pig (sadly'll still be square!!), bunny
- Candy : JELLYBEANS!!!, Lollipops, Marshmallows...I forgot what
- Misc : Dustbunnies xD Mushroom?

maybe you guys can suggest me something? 83

price are very good!!! VERY VERY GOOD!!! hahahaha!!! Even will get discount if buy 1 set!! (which consist of 4 plushies) 8D

the size is almost 3inch x 3inch. it's quite big!!! hahaha!! i will update more on this when i get my camera back later from Empress Chung.

so yeah~

p/s can't wait to get my mushroom bookmark back from web design class =3= ... well actually if the lecturer take it oso i dun mind xD haha


  1. You said like that... I also malu to keep it :(

    Hahaha... no worry, just need to use it for department student work review session. you will get it back it soon.

  2. hey hey hey!!!! 8D how come your blog private punya!!! BOO!!!!!!!! >:O kenot drop by!!!!!

    aiyah xD you take it oso can bah!!! xD