Friday, October 17, 2008


YEAP!!! the titles says it all!! 8D let's talk about supernatural~! oh i'm talking bout the tv series btw..? dean and sam winchester..? this is a hell of a tv series man!!!!!! xD i think i first watched this when it was aired on the astro AXN channel like how many years ago..? and i was..IS... hooked until now!! xD amazing? nope~ it's BRILLIANT! hahahahahahaha!!! so i've watched all the episodes...currently following up till the latest episode of season 4 (ongoing) it was A.W.E.S.O.M.E.!!!!! that dean winchester is one son of a gun!!! *wipe drools*


8D lemme share some pic!!!

Dean winchester or his real name, Jensen Ross Ackles. I LOVE HIM!! *fangirl scream* he is like...the spice in supernatural series!! xD HE IS DARN FUNNY!!! ...and did i mention HOT??!!!
...forgive me xD i can't stop oogling at him!!!!! i'm just a normal (well maybe not THAT normal) fangirl!!!! so bite me xD

yes jensen...u are on the no1 spot in my worth-to-drool-at guys list!! xD he shared the same spot with edward(twilight) btw~ heh~ xD nobody in the 2nd place yet~

well i love jared padalecki too, he played Sam Winchester, Dean's brother, in the series~ he's cute... but nah~ i prefer Dean~ humorous, hot, sexy *slapself* xD brave~~ a bit reckless.. *sigh* oh well... Jared is hot too~

Jared Padalecki, or Sam Winchester in supernatural.

well...i dun really have his picture that a lot (compare to jensen's *cough*) but he looks hot eh? xD LOL!!!


well....that's about it xD just feel like talking bout this 2 hot guys~ lalala

WATCH SUPERNATURAL!! it's good for your health~ 8D *sprinkle salt* will update properly later on~ xD sleepy~~ GNITE!!! xD

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