Tuesday, October 28, 2008

all about assignments!!!

1st of all.... SORRY LECTURER(s) and TUTOR(s)!!!!! >A< ;;; i should've post some work progress here darnnit!!! i feel so guilty!!! OAO ;; i hope it wudn't be too late to post now. xD ok...(maybe no hope for digital media...) AHEM! but i'll just post somehow...






well I saw this jam the other day...i don't even know this brand exist!! i can't even find it online! xD ROFL! so i decided to do it because of the boring typo, boring colours, and...and...well... it just doesn't attract people's attention. so yeaaa....


well i forgot to scan the sketches... >A< ;;; darnnit!! i don't have scanner... so it's a bit troublesome fer me to go to Orilia's room just to borrow scanner xD hahahaha!! n i dun feel like taking with handphone either. my HP quality sucks u__u but hey!! i'm doing some bookmark related with mushrooms!!! 8D YAY!!! just got the materials today. FELT! but b4 that, i tested a bit on how to sew it xD and so far...ok lo~~~ hahahahaha!! my first felt craft EVER!!!

it's an orange btw!!! sooooo not a carrot >w> *glares at somebody*

i'll put up my sketches later on lah~


xD ;; ahem!! sorry sook chiung!! hehehehehe!! well basically i haven't really done much on the graphic part of the interface. I PROMISE I'LL POST IT UP!!!!! >A< ;; i just show the final sketches lah~

Character design. I sketched all the moves that is neccesary 1st, it makes my work a bit easier xD hahahahahahahah!!!

This is a rough sketch of the house...very rough. Have to make a cleaner one. yay~~

1st & 2nd box = The scene where the HERO will have to "meredah" the outside world just to meet his girlfriend. walking along Sunway Pyramiaw xD hahahahahaha!!!

remaining boxes : one of the game that'll be in my interface. have to becareful because the victory depends on which end of the meter reach 1st. xD so my idea was, the user will have to press spacebar (or any button) so that the HERO will be succesful in avoiding the salesman xD so yeaa.....

....HOMG!!! i'm just too sleepy!!! god knows how many typos i've written d!!! WTH!!!! my eyes can't open properly d.... i'll coninue update tmrw lah.... k~~

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