Wednesday, October 22, 2008


TxT ORZes... this week has been the kinda week... why?

1- I answered the 1st question for South East Asia culture wrongly...yes...10 marks gone just like that *snap fingers* -depressed meter from 0% jumps up to 75%*

2- can't answer digital media weekly assignment (tho i had fun walking around the class trying to find people who knows..but of course nobody had d answer) -depressed meter jumps up to 85%-

3- feel like ranting to my parents bout it...oh expired!! -depressed meter jumps out of the bar- OTL

4- feeling poor...-jump of a building-

so yeaaa~~ i hope i won't fail this term!! i duwan too!! TTxTT

but i felt a lot better after listening to David Archuleta's song - CRUSH over and over again xD his song is nice~~ *melts* terima kasih orilia for introducing him to me 8D i can basically sing the song already xD not to mention that i just got the song like 2 days ago.. whee 8D worth to listen to!!



slept at 2 something... woke up at 7..need to do research for today's class. kinda interesting. all the signage inconsistency out there xD had fun actually researching for it. can't stop!! hahahaahaha!!

upon me doing research... i stumbled across this thing...

Namie Amuro - can't sleep, can't eat, I'm sick

Mako Hill- can't think straight, can't stop vomiting, i'm sick

i just can't stop LOL-ing at this pic xD i used to listen to this album of Namie Amuro!! kinda nice........LOL!!! xD the album cover...LOL!!!! LOL!!! xDDD the guy's web is one of the references that i refer to for today's class xD kinda interesting. drop by here.

rite...back to work!!!

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