Friday, October 3, 2008


Square enix subsidiary smile lab launched a new virtual world, nicotto town!!!!

" Square Enix to Launch Casual Virtual Space in Japan

The new service -- a collaboration with Japanese internet provider Nifty -- will be aimed at the casual market, with no traditional Square Enix characters in sight.

Instead, you'll be dressing and parading your fashionable avatars in a cutesy setting, while chatting up fellow members and taking in a few mini-games.

In Nicotto Town, you'll also be able to establish a home and garden -- sprucing it up in Animal Crossing fashion -- although no details have been revealed on what sort of monetary transactions will be involved when purchasing in-game items.

The promotional site does mention that an in-game blog and the access to mini-games will be free of charge.

Nifty is hosting a beta trial from August 22 to September 5, with the official website now taking applications -- the first 5,000 entries will be accepted.

Nicotto Town [Nifty, via Siliconera] "

well...i copied and paste this stuff somewhere xD LOL!! and the game is already out i i tried the game and......

xDDDD UWAAAA!!!!! this game ish shoooo cute!!!! xD's more like Gaia online. but the character looks...cuter!!! OAO HOMG!! and there's hot character guy EVERYWHERE!!!! OwO and also cute girls~~~ aaaaa~~~ see!!!

that's me with the black short hair~ the 1st pic is before i bought a new shirt xD (i don't have slippers LOL!!!) and the 2nd pic~ after i bought some cheap top and skirt and sandals~ I EVEN GOT MY OWN ROOM!!!! xD i haven't decorate yet~~ see all the stuff in the box? LOL!! xD i even got my own japanese table!! whee!!!

it's quite fun.. i hope there will be an english version of these TxT a bit hard to understand in japanese... MY EYES!!! @A@ LOL!! well~~~ i'll get back to playing~!!



tell me if u guys join!! 8D lets play!!!!!

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