Monday, January 16, 2012

if i have 1 minute/ hour/ day to live

man!! i sound so sissy!!! OTL did a favor to my friend. hope this helps! i really love my friend's survey. felt very serene doing this. it made me think about stuff too.


first things first, i'll tell my family how much i love them. i would personally tell each one of them what i particularly love about them, their quirks, their jokes etc etc and what i don't like about them. i will tell them everything that i think can be adjusted/ changed in my point of view, in hope that they will and make the family even perfect.

2nd i will tell my bestfriends how i love them sooo much that they are my rays of sunshine on a cloudy day. thank them for standing up to my every whims no matter how annoying i can be. thank them for all the things they have done for me, thank them for all the little (and huge) gifts they gave me and that i seriously treasure them with all my hearts. thank them for the times we spent together and thank them for existing. i could wish for nothing more :)

3rdly what i will do is to tell each and everyone of my friends/ acquaintances thank you for giving me a small part of their life. get to know me even for a bit.

4th; tell the person that i like/ have a crush on, that i like him. even if he does not respond to my feelings the way i do, i will still appreciate the moment he had spared for me throughout his entire life. I will wish him the best in life. :)

5th; i would wanna spend the last moment of my life with my friends and family. i want them to tell me jokes instead of mourning the moment i would be gone. have fun. eat cakes. sit somewhere green and grassy, with gentle wind blowing on my face as i take in the forms, characteristics and quirks of each and every one of those who are by my side at that particular moment and engraved them in my head. i would like to smile to myself and think about how lucky i am to have & know each and everyone of them.

IF lets just say the person that i like returned my feelings, i would wanna hold hands with him and lay my head on his shoulder till my heart stops beating.

yeap. perfect. : ) just typing this out made me feel so happy and calm T v T what about you guys? what if you have 1 minute/ hour/ day to live? how would you want your moment to end? type it out!! and do share it with me!

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