Wednesday, January 25, 2012

cleaned up my room!!

after what seems like ages, i've finally managed to force myself into cleaning up my room!!! took a before after image, but decided not to post it up. save myself from forever being embarrassed u_u ; ... OK FINE!!! but not without some heavy mosaic effect HMPH!!



so embarrassing =A= ;; finally i have a proper space to move around!! before this, you'd have to master the art of maneuvering to move about lol (or just step on stuff pffftt LIKE A BOSS!! haha)

wanted to shoot some pictures of loots that i have bought during holidays, but too tired *lazy* to do so. maybe next time : )

managed to snap just 1 pic tho. bought a new black... shirt... thingy. was experimenting on how it will look like on my formal wear. i have to say, it's not THAT bad 8D (tho i thnk this picture made me look like i'm pregnant or smthng =_= ;;)

Cotton On : RM59

gotta get myself one of those hat/bag rack and a full length mirror :T pretty sure can get some cheap ones somewhere. but where!!!???

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