Saturday, July 23, 2011

subscription ended! BAW!!

today is the last day for my dA subscription!! BAAAWWWWW D,8 helloooooo stupid annoying ad that I won't even bother to read ever. tsk. OH WELL!!! life goes oooonnnnnnn -sobs-

today went out with family. bought 3 books; grimms' fairy tales, pride & prejudice & norwegian wood by haruki murakami. I know I know, maybe some of you would be like "WHAT??!! YOU DON'T HAVE PRIDE & PREJUDICE??!!" i used to have it and i sorta... lost it. can't rmmbr what happened to it too T_____T i am sad. after the trouble of getting that book before TAT i lost it!!!! -facepalm- .......... OH WELL!! 8D

i also bought (well technically my mom bought it for me tsk shameless daughter) Karigurashi Arrietty DVD & Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows pt 1 in BLURAY! 8,D AAAAUUUUGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!! CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH EM BOTH TOMORROW!!! YIPEEE!!!

and we had dinner at a seafood restaurant 8,D YEAP! that's it! then we went back home by 6pm, took a shower, and continued my Penguindrum fanart 8,D IT IS DONE!!!!

i seriously had fun drawing this!!!!! 8,D from left to right; Himari, Kanba & Shoma. a bit not satisfied with the background, but uuuhhhh... i guess you can say i'm lazy to *cough* you know... *cough cough* OH WELL!! LIFE OES ON!!! yet again! 8,D

also drew Kurusu Sho from utapuri during a livestream session. my livestream is filled with crazy people HAHAHAHA XD it's a blast to livestream everytime!

yeap!! so that is it for a quick update!! i shall go and continue my persona work now!
on second thought, i think i'll sit on my bed; read pride & prejudice; sleep early. yeah... yeaaaahhhhh!!


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