Wednesday, July 20, 2011

procrastination entry

running away from work OTL i don't feel like moving at all haha. My uni life is starting soon T___T i hv to cherish what time i have left sobs! i am nervous, yet excited at the same time! 8,D i'll be staying in the dorm for 1 semester (or was it 1st year) i wonder if they have water heater in the bathroom T____T do i have to join pointless activities then? -sigh- can't i just... study get back to my room, do something useful (well something useful in my p.o.v LOL i'm scared my uni timetable will crash with the AFA date!!! damn!!! TAT i am sad.

WELL!! on other note (sigh-ing forever) my friend Michi got me another book from Kinokuniya!! (she so nice, i wanna cry my eyeballs out 8,D)

MUSHISHI ARTBOOK!!!! GET!!! 8,D by god, i swear i'm gonna do a proper review for this artbook when i get my hands on it!!! i was a bit sad there's not even 1 decent review about this artbook online! TAT i've found 2 website that actually did some review, but it was so-so and one of it is in some language i could not understand haha.

one of those book that i don't really mind having screenshots from the anime 8,D since the anime itself is GORGEOUS!

and i got myself volume 4 & 5 for mushishi manga too~

was a bit disappointed since the Kinokuniya here won't ever import Sekaiichi Hatsukoi manga anymore TAT because of some "tight security" issue. bulls to this!!!! what we read is our own rights!!!! not like i'm gonna turn rebel or start terrorizing this "peaceful" country (pffftt) after reading some manga. god demmit T____T i was very sad!! and Sekaiichi Hatsukoi really have good romantic plot to it too TAT just my type of story man.

when my friend sms-ed me and told me about the news and asked me what else should she get for me then; i went blank. SERIOUSLY BLANK. didn't expect this kind of situation will occur 8,D and it also made me realize even if I read a LOT of mangas, i still am reluctant & super picky when it comes to really investing my money to buy em. So in the end, i just asked her to get me another 2 volumes for mushishi. hahaha. volume 4 is my most favorite cover from the series XD just saying~~ and there's still some leftover money left. Decided to just let her hold on to it. :9

AND I DID THE RIGHT THING BY NOT SPENDING IT ALTOGETHER BUYING RANDOM MANGA!!! because i've found 1 manga that i really want!!! 8,D


after Emma (which i really loved), Kaoru Mori did it again with Otoyomegatari!!! this manga took my breath away!! 8,D the plot, the characters, the story, the setting, the drawings, the lavish & intricate details to each costumes are simply BREATHTAKING! i really salute her! 8,D it really does show how she really love the culture and put A LOT of effort in really learning all details of this tribe's lives and culture. it's gorgeous! 8,D

for more detail regarding this manga, well, go here [Otoyomegatari] 8D since i'm super lazy to write it myself HAH!!

have a look at the drawing process done by the original artist here! 8,D oh god, can i have her talent plz???!!! if only just for a bit!!!! nnnggggghhhhhhhhhhh

YEAP!!!! 8,D i think i should get back to my work. -sigh- OH!!!! i did a fanart of that girl character up there!!!!! 8D did it during yesterd... well technically today's (12 am - 4 am lol) livestream session :9 twas fun. but i didn't really do her justice enough XD left out so so SO many details. specially her necklace T___T and all the elements to her beautiful costume. 8,D wish i could do a proper one someday!!!!

K I'M OUT!!!!

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