Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Something Beautiful, Zhang Jingna photobook

had been dreaming about owning one since...a very long time ago. I know it is a tad bit outdated of me. u_u anyway... finally it arrived yesterday!!! was seriously anticipating the moment when the postmen himself send the package. but what are the odds, the long awaited package from Singapore arrived when I wasn't at home!!! I guess it really is true. Good things will come when you least expect it? but still... darn!

i'm 308! and also got a free postcard! OwO this pic:

of course with no writings on it. photo©ZhangJingna.

basically it's not really mine yet since I used my dad's credit card to purchase the photobook online XD so until I pay him the full amount IN CASH, the book is basically his. very unsettling. =_= but hey!!! did plan to buy this book once I got my 1st ever paycheck, and yes, looking forward to finally owning something from my own sweat and blood! ... well not really sweat and blood XD but you get the idea!

one of the most beautiful piece in the book. ;D I think I fell in love with this guy the more I look at it! LOL!

not gonna put anymore inside pictures. Just this one. So if wanna see more, either go to her blog, dA or just buy the book because it is really worth it.

Zhang Jingna are one of those who inspired me to a point that I can't possibly explain. It's just the way she do things, and what she did to be where she is right now. Some people might just bought her book because of the pretty pictures -believe me, it's one of the reason why I bought it too LOL!- but I try to see beyond that. the beauty of the picture, the story behind it, the styling, the color, the mood, the expressions, god! this can go on and on. By having this book or any other artbooks/photobooks/any type of books, it's not about gloating and showing off, but it's all about how you can make full use of it during your journey in discovering and doing what you really like. All of these materials really boost up my motivations in doing anything and be a better person than I am the day before.

I've discovered Something Beautiful indeed.

so portfolio improvement, HERE I COME! XD

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  1. Yep, I got a signed copy too! I also did a book review and I love your spin on the book = )

    Portfolio improvement indeed = )