Thursday, July 15, 2010


life has been rather gray lately. well there is the light streak of colors here and there sometimes, but yeah. somehow my daily routine has been quite... monotonous. wake up, lie on the bed for a few more hours, brush teeth, eat, tv, piano, facebook, draw... and draw... and draw some more. not that I have any problem on the drawing part XD. then... uugghhh i don't feel like elaborating more.

but today is a bit different! went for an early cycle! 8D had fun! wind rushing pass me, quiet neighborhood, ride pass the beach... it was BEAUTIFUL! while a soft tune of Erin Lang playing in my ear while early sunshine dancing on the ocean. CHEWAH!

can't wait to start studying again. so for now, I'm gonna boost up my portfolio like a LOT.

i guess life is not that gray afterall. ;D


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