Tuesday, August 4, 2009


so design method class did sort of an outing last week. we all went to Petrosains 8D my 1st time actually being inside that place. quite exited. and honestly was a bit thrilled with the 1st ride! xD it's like sitting in a roller coaster with a speed of a snail _-_ ;; *ahem*

the moment we went down from the "roller coaster" thing, we were greeted by a very friendly worker there. (mm... good 1st impression... nice nice) then there's all sorts of interactive interface there. even though it's all about petroleum, which is one of the least thing that would ever pop in my head, but nonetheless, it's quite interesting. you have to do things in order to watch the videos that are related to the mechanism that you have to "operate". nothing to fancy tho. so i just walk away.

I was immediately greeted by this petrosains volunteer guy, who explain about the transfer proses of electricity or something. 1 more friendly people...mmm good good. so anyway, i proceed with my journey (e cheh cheh cheh xD) .... actually I can't really remmeber almost half of the thing that i did there. somehow that place just lack the impact that'll make me jaw drop or something... hmm...

talking about the assignment that I got for this trip, i actually got "organic + interface". talking about the interfaces in Petrosains, I can only recall some and most of it are...err... i don't know how to say it. (see how un-impactful it is? =A= ;)

Basically, the way Petrosains used first hand experience on most of the interfaces, where people need to do something, in order to gain something is very good. I think 1 of the interesting part for me was the "space" part. I kind of like the one where i can actually communicate with others thru -sort of like- video conference xD and it can count heartbeats! O3O tho i think it's inaccurate u_u ; but hey~ i like the real life experience of a spaceship (?) interface 8D

one of the interaction here that i totally don't understand u_u ; and the interface is quite... hmm.... can be better... blur pic...sorry... i think model problem xD kehkeh

what else...?

mmm... oh! i played this one sort of like racing thing. where the player have to avoid hitting the cat. basically a simple game, and the interface is easy to understand. too easy in fact, i can play it with my eyes closed u_u ; aih... but somehow i can't see anybody playing it. maybe it's because of the placement of that "console"? they put it in an almost secluded corner =_=

i saw one thing which actually is quite interesting! its related to fossils. and you actually have to move this 1 layer of red colored screen to actually see the fossils! (ok...maybe its not THAT shocking.. but i like it! xD) maybe i could do that to 1 of my projects next time? something like... "find the Iffahs!!!" then move 1 layer of colored transparent paper to find me...=_= ok I'm babbling here... sorry...

so yeah... basically that's it... =_= ;; i'm not even sure what i typed. LOL!! anyways~ some pictures u_u;

Aurelia : omg~ T-rex!! I'm your biggest fan!!!!!!
T-rex : rawr...
actually it looks kind of gross... this thing is actually explaining on the "kemampatan ruang yang boleh" affect the movement of the liquid that is moving in between. LOL!

zermi~ he looses to a girl in this "competition"...? but actually there's no choice for him LOL! he just have to lose here. why? ....well you guys noe why =_= ;

first impression... "HEROES!!!!" O_O omg~~ lol =_=

aih... =_= post yang langsung tak bersemangat ni... dunno why... oh well... 3D time u_u ;


awwwwww~~ 8D well...actually this goes for me too =_= quite disappointing la. I think the F1 simulator(?) is one of the attraction here...but not enough tall to try it... pfft


OH!!!!! AND 1 MORE!!!!! 8D came across this one at the end of the journey xD you actually just have to move this machinegun looking thing which actually shoots out digital paint. so you can shoot anywhere on the screen and random paint will create awesome patterns and colors~ 8D kinda like it too!

and i think it's a great idea for them to actually made it possible for people to email those artistic creation of them straight to their email!! xD I can't help myself from emailing the piece of work straight to my email xD hahahah!

here!!! 8D

pretty aint it? 8D

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