Sunday, August 9, 2009


was doing work for final. so while i was taking a break~ i feel like watching Persona 3 and 4 opening again... and yeah... it gets even better~

somehow Persona 3 & 4 opening are just...very very... addictive!! plus nice graphic, awesome colors, and catchy tunes. it never gets old~ *sigh* yeah... so once again, I'm gonna feature them both in my blog post 8D (not that my blog is THAT popular to begin with LOL but i dun care)

very nice...very nice... wish i could do something like this TwT

so anyway~ I was surfing again... and I found this!!

Persona 4 school uniform costume!!

call me outdated~ but......

OMG!!! I would LLOOOOOOVVVEEEE to have these 2 babies! ;A; can't stop thinking WHY! OH WHY!!! can't our government design something more fashionable to go as our school uniform? at least the students can add 1 more reason to why they wanna go to school. LOL!! no seriously xD my mom told me once that her old highschool got a very cool uniform, so everytime she will be very eager to wear the uniform xD and of course go to school. LOL!

hmm... oh and here's Persona 3 uniform.

simple yet amazing design!! I wish i could have the girl's uniform... OH WAIT!! I am getting one tralalala~~ 8D hopefully can get it by the end of this year~ *jump up and down* 8D CAN'T WAIT!!!!!!!! ..... can you guys imagine me getting this uni? =_= pfft....

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